Indian hackers deface Pakistani websites to ‘pay tribute to Lt Colonel Niranjan’


Group of Indian hackers have defaced seven Pakistani websites, including that of Pakistani Bar Council. The hacker group – Indian Black Hats, based of Kerala – said that they have dedicated the hacking to the 18-month old daughter of late Lt Col Niranjan of the National Security Guards.

 “A Big Salute from team IBH To the familys of brave soldiers who lost their life in Pathankot Attack!! A Small Tribute to those Brave Soldiers who Laid their Precious Life for our Country and our People,.. We forgive.. We forget.. Don’t Expect Anything from us..(sic),” they wrote.

Speaking to Times of India, one of the members said that they have not deleted any content from the websites, but only uploaded the photograph of the late officer’s daughter, as message to the citizens of Pakistan. “This is not cyber war but sending a message,” the member said.


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