Audi’s concept car with hydrogen as fuel

audi-h-tron-live-1_653North American International Auto Show organised in Detroit surprised the automobile industry with their new concept car that only requires Hydrogen as fuel. It has fascinating features including fast refueling in only four minutes. Yes you read it right, 4 minutes only. Moreover it  has a range of about 378 miles.

audi_h-tron_quattro_conceptH-tron Quattro is named such,because it is a Four Wheel Drive car from where Quattro name is tagged with the car. This car has an acceleration of 0-62 mph in only 7 secs. Yes its fast also!

Yet Audi did not announce for any news of production, but if it comes on the road, surely gas powered cars will suffer a loss.

a160170_fullAudi’s concept car is powered by a fuel cell of 110kW (147hp) and the h-tron packs a battery pack that can add an additional 100 kW (134 hp) of power in short bursts. Front and Rear axle are driven by two different motors powered by the fuel cell. It has better and quick traction control due to power provided with motors which can add or subtract torque in a split sec. The h-tron is also featuring driver-less technologies and real time rendering of car’s surroundings.


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